Assistant Professor,
Department of Linguistics,
UC Davis

  • Teaching
    • Previous Courses (more)
      • Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics (undergrad)
      • Introduction to Language Acquisition (undergrad + grad)
      • Introduction to Linguistics (undergrad)
      • Undergraduate Research Methods
    • Critical Thinking (more)
      • What is critical thinking? How can we help students improve it? What role can linguists and linguistics play? I have been collaborating with researchers and teachers in philosophy who specialize in improving critical thinking skills to address these questions. More recently, I have started a colaboration with ThinkerAnalytix an educational nonprofit, to develop critical thinking methods for science classrooms.
    • Diversity
      • The US Travel Ban on citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, North Korea and Venezuela has significantly affected students who want to study in social and cognitive sciences in the US. They cannot travel to the US for interviews and open houses, and many brilliant students do not even have the ability to pay for application fees. There is also little guidance on how they should approach the application process. With the help of several colleagues, we have established a platform to help students from these countries in their applications to graduate schools in the US, both professionally and financially. Please visit for more information.